Krishna Niwas Requests All The Guests To Take Safety Precautions While Travelling

Krishna Niwas Mount Abu is a prestigious property in Mount Abu where travellers could enjoy heritage stay but this year when the nation got struck with a threatening virus everyone was forced to lockdown their businesses and wait for the situations to get back normal. After months the tourism industry has reopened to welcome travellers again but were asked by government officials to follow some of the compulsory safety measures and health guidelines so that no traces of the virus could enter via guests or staff members. As we are inviting guests too, we want to spread awareness and let people know what things they have to look after while travelling from one province to another or while staying with us at our property.

1. We sanitize the linens by washing it in high temperature

Mattresses and bed sheets are something that a hotel cannot afford to change every time but what we can do is sanitize them so clean that when laying it over again no virus or bacteria would be there on it and so everyday when housekeeping of rooms is done we pull off the bedsheet get it sterilize by hot wash and tuck back. Everything in a room that could come in contact with guests or staff such as door knobs, windows, side drawers, wardrobe, tv remote and additional amenities in the bathroom are sanitized thoroughly and for further privacy we leave the sanitizers in the room so that guest could use it for their bags and other accessories carrying together.

2. We make sure that guests keep their mask on face in public places

The virus that has spread has very common symptoms and so it’s hard to predict whether the person standing in front of you is positive or not and as it’s been said by the World Health Organisation that it can spread through breathe – we request strictly to keep on the masks. If you are leaving your room to walk in the premise or going to the market for shopping or sightseeing, do not pull the mask off. It might ruin your picture for a moment but give you a memory of lifetime that a pandemic was so serious that lifestyle changed for a long duration. Also it’s been said that our safety is in our hands – so to keep your health and loved ones safe, keep the mask on your face no matter where you are.

3. We have made compulsory for staff members to keep their mask on face in public areas

The virus that has spread will not see who you are or what you are doing, it only affects those who are careless towards their safety – our staff is our strong backbone and so we do care for them equally as we care for our guests. The staff works hard behind everything and to keep up the spirit of hard work we request them to look after themselves more seriously – we have made strict rules that each member working on the premise shall keep on wearing the mask so that they won’t get infected by anyone else. We believe that everyone in our premise is our responsibility either guest or staff member and so we have made a strict rule for your safety -keep the mask on your face and use the sanitizer as much as possible.

4. We have stick floor marks to follow social distancing strictly

As there is no cure found yet for the disease so very primary health tips are suggested to follow and amongst them is social distancing – its been asked to do so that there could be a distance enough between two people that wouldn’t let virus get exchanged through breaths. We have placed different stickers on our floors at a distance so that each person could stand away at a two hand distance minimum. Though we have sanitised everything at our property, we need support from our guests and staff to follow the safety guidelines strictly – a little intolerance with rules can get your loved ones or any random stranger worth life.     

5. We have placed sanitizer units for staff and guests

We all have been more familiar with sanitizers since this virus has come, as it contains chemicals that could kill germs or prevent it from getting access to other body parts, everyone around has been suggested to carry sanitizers with them and keep on using it. If you are not having it or you prefer not to touch your luggage before sanitizing we have placed different units where you just have to press with your feet and the sanitizer will drip on your hands. Whether you are in the room or in a restaurant or in other areas of the resort – you would see a fresh sanitizer unit placed for your use, we request everyone to not compromise with your safety as we can direct you or request you but can’t force you.

6. We sanitize the areas in resort that have maximum access by people

As we have started accepting guest bookings we have to double check for the safety measures – front desk, entrance, door knobs, windows, plates and tables in restaurant, furniture, play area and many other things are very common to get touched by a number of hands. We have assigned staff members who keep on spraying the sanitizer so that no one would feel compromised with safety and hygiene – in regular days also we maintain hygiene but after this pandemic we made it a necessity. We believe each person on our premise is our responsibility, people have started travelling on the terms of trust and when you trust us we make sure that you don’t feel regret.

7. All our staff members must keep on washing their hands

Advertisements are played everywhere, banners are placed, the government and various sectors are promoting to wash hands on a high note and as so we made sure that each staff member keeps on washing their hands with soap and not rely on sanitizers. Staff members are chefs who cook, cleaning staff, manager, housekeeping, front desk and they have to touch everything in order to run the property so it’s compulsory even if you are wearing gloves or taking them off – wash your hands for at least a minute nicely and then touch things that belongs to property or guests.

8. We offer fresh toiletries and bathroom kit

These days amenities and facilities have been so advanced that guests do not need to worry to carry extra luggage – we provide towels, napkins, soaps, shampoo, toothpaste and all the basic toiletries that are required by guests to fresh n up. We make sure that each time when a guest comes over they get the fresh sanitized kit so that no doubt regarding safety would rise in mind – we don’t want to take any chance of letting the virus come in premise so we make sure everything and each rule is followed strictly.

9. The room is allotted to guests with a difference time of 24 hours

Everyone around is a bit tense with the virus and so it’s hard to trust someone with the safety commitments – we at Krishna Niwas make sure that no guests feel like they have been taken for granted. As we have started to take bookings we make sure that rooms get a time of 24 hrs to get sanitized thoroughly, change the linens and place all the amenities and toiletries freshly wrapped.

We are giving these details so that guest who are planning for a weekend trip or for a short vacation can trust us and confirm their bookings with us for a safe stay in the city near to nakki lake and main market – for more details regarding the packages and tariff rates you can visit our website or drop us a call.

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