Krishna Niwas-Heritage Hotel Mount Abu|Heritage House Mount Abu

About Krishna Niwas

About Krishna Niwas is a heritage Hotel built in colonial style in the year 1924 AD. This place was a vacation house of Madame Elizabeth Sharpe of the East India Company and is one of the best among 52 Kothis in Mt Abu in terms of location, view from the place and architecture.

The Acharyashri [religious head] Shri Devendraprasadji Maharaj of Shri Swaminarayan Sect had purchased this property before the partition of India and he converted this place into a peaceful campus for Dhyaan and Peace. It is this place where he wrote his Poems and later these poems formed into a book Published by his elder son "Kutkavya" today is kept by the Gujarat University for study on poems. Here history has some more to add to the beauty of the positive vibrations of this place as India fame classical singer like Pandit.Jasrajji, Pandit Maniramji [Jasrajji's brother and guru], a legend in classical music Rana H H Shri Jaywantsinhji Sanand thakore saheb, Ustad Vilayathussain Khan, Ustad Latafat hussain Khan, Swami Vallabhdasji and so many other gurus have practiced there art right at this place. As the Indian culture says vibrations play a major role to the human state of mind.

This place is restored to its originality by Acharya Maharaj Shri Devendraprasajis son Shri Raghvendraprasadji Maharaj and put open to the interested visitors in search of Peace of mind and a home away from home. During restoration, we have tried hard to meet the hospitality standards keeping the heritage intact. We are keen to host guest who appreciate Heritage and peaceful environment.